sexta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2007

Brasil e Venezuela assinam acordo sobre gás natural

Brazil and Venezuela signed an accord today to start work on the first stage of a gas pipeline from Venezuela through Brazil to Argentina.
Brazil President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Venezuela President Hugo Chavez signed a letter of intent to build the line from Guiria in Venezuela to Recife in north-east Brazil during a Mercosur trade bloc summit.
It was agreed to complete the feasibility study by December 2007, but no date was fixed to begin construction of the project, involving Brazil's state-run energy company Petrobras and Venezuelan state oil giant PDVSA.
"These documents end any doubts in respect to our commitment to press ahead with these projects that have been announced more than a year ago," PDVSA head Rafael Ramirez told a new conference, Reuters reported.
The 5,000-kilometre pipeline, proposed by PDVSA in 2005, would link Venezuela's roughly 150 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves to markets in other Latin American nations, such as Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. (Upstreamonline)
22:26 GMT, 18 January 2007 last updated: 00:48 GMT, 19 January 2007

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