domingo, 11 de março de 2007

Contratada sonda para perfurar Bloco 2 da Zona Conjunta de São Tomé em 2008

Equator Exploration Limited announces that Sinopec, as operator on behalf of the participants in Block 2 of the Nigeria and São Tomé & Príncipe Joint Development Zone (“JDZ”), has entered into an agreement with Aban Abraham Pte Ltd (“Aban”), for the provision of the Aban Abraham deep water drillship to drill a well in the second half of 2008. The agreement, which has been entered into jointly with Addax Petroleum, has secured the Aban Abraham to drill up to ten wells in total. These wells will be shared across those blocks in which Addax and Sinopec respectively operate. The agreement contemplates five firm well slots and five optional well slots. Under a separate rig sharing agreement, Sinopec will be allocated one of the firm well slots which will fulfil the commitment well as agreed under the Block 2 Production Sharing Contract. Additionally, and as required, a share of the optional slots may be available. The day-rate for the rig is a maximum of $410,000 per day.The JDZ was created through an agreement between the governments of Nigeria and São Tomé & Príncipe in 2001 whereby revenues derived from the JDZ will be shared 60:40 between these governments respectively. Block 2 was awarded to Equator and the other participants in March 2006. Subsequent to a farm-in to the interest of another participant, A & Hatman, Equator has a 9% interest, of which 0.25% is allocated to another partner. The other participants are Sinopec, ERHC Energy and Addax Petroleum, who together have 65%, ONGC (13.5%), A & Hatman (2.5%), Amber Petroleum (5%) and Foby Engineering (5%). In its News Release of 11 January 2007, the Company reported the Best Estimate Prospective Resources for its net interest as prepared by Netherland, Sewell & Associates Inc. On an un-risked basis net to Equator they are 121 million barrels of oil and 168 billion standard cubic feet of gas, while on a risked basis they are 32 million barrels of oil and 50 billion standard cubic feet of gas. (Oilvoice)

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