quarta-feira, 30 de maio de 2007

Produção de petróleo em Angola atinge 1,8 milhão de barris por dia ao final de 2007

Angolan oil sector expects to reach a daily production of 1.8 million barrels until the end of 2007, against the current 1.4 million, said Wednesday in Malanje an Oil Ministry source.
The source told Angop that the country's oil production has risen from 173,000 barrels a day before independence, to one million barrels in 2004.
With the increase in production, Angolan Government is seeking to immediately build a refinery with a daily capacity of 200,000 barrels a day in central Benguela province, aiming at supplying the local and international markets with refined oil derivatives, the source added.
With effect, several actions are underway at Low Congo Basin, as a result of various discoveries over the last ten years.
In the Block 17, stress goes to Rosa field, whose production will start in the second semester of this year.
Also in the Block 17, the Fields Cravo/Lírio will be developed as independent, separate from Girassol infrastructures, with a view to enabling a later connection with Orquídea/Viola fields, an option that is still being under a study.
The development of the fields Plutão, Saturno, Vénus and Marte (PSVM), localised in the northern section of Block 31, set the start of this activity in ultra-deep waters whose maximum production is estimated at 125 barrels a day, with the first output expected for 2009/10.
The country's oil sector is being examined under the ongoing Second Forum on Angolan Staff going on from May 29 to June 1, aimed at promoting dialogue among the various generations of national personnel serving the sector.
The meeting that was inaugurated by the prime minister's assistant minister, Aguinaldo Jaime, continues with an appraisal of the accomplishment of the recommendations from the first forum, held from July 24-26, in Soyo district, northern Zaire province. (Angola Press Agency)

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